About Us

SPLS Consultants | Management Consultancy.

SPLS Consultants is a management consultancy formed in response to the need for organizational development, talent management, career development, performance management as well as training and development both in the public and private sectors.

We assist organisations to formulate and implement strategies and approaches that facilitate effective development of talent and the organization with the aim of improving and sustaining service excellence, customer satisfaction, and overall organisational success.

Through comprehensive methodologies, SPLS ensures that all interventions are well and appropriately informed and aligned to the vision and strategic intent of the client organisation. We further facilitate organisational change and performance improvement through interventions aimed at helping clients to achieve internal strategic and operational alignment, and effective external engagement and positioning.

By staying abreast of current trends and research, we ensure that our work is well suited to addressing our clients’ challenges and priorities.



We are a 100% black-women owned consulting Company in all facets of ICT and Human Capital Development. With over 20 years of combined industry experience, we deliver best in class solutions that are tailor-made to clients requirements… SPLS Consultants is a B-BBEE level 1 service provider with 135% recognition.

We partner with our clients to create an impact on client’s B-BBEE as well as Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) performance. Our niche is such we have more than 20 years of category management expertise and through this are able to offer valuable commodity-specific advisory services to our clients.

SPLS Consultants is accredited and certified with the following institutions:

  • AgriSETA on Poultry Production
  • MICTSETA on Technical System, End-user support and Systems Support
  • IEB on Foundational Learning Competence Certified – 9964
  • COMENSA member – 4347

Our Great Mission

To transform our clients in achieving Technology and Enterprise Project Management excellence.
We move our clients forward.
We strive for effective collaborations with clients and suppliers.
We bring speed, innovation and excellence.

Accredited Training Provider